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Cultural patronage

Archicom has been supporting the activities of local artistic communities for many years. Check out what we have achieved.

Learn about our actions

Archicom, which has been active on the market for more than 35 years, contributes to creating the cultural face of Wrocław. As a socially responsible developer, it promotes art by sponsoring its presence in public spaces.

PlayFair – a team game where culture and business meet for a good cause

Cubes Sculptures, Weronika Lucińska, River Point Apartments, Wrocław

30 Creatives Award, promoting those who inspire, motivate and change Wrocław

Art Centre Piekarnia at Witolda Street, Wrocław

Theatrical performances in residential projects, ECC 2016

Streetworking with Wrocław-based foundations Dom Pokoju, Trampolina

Sculpture Pociąg do nieba, Andrzej Jarodzki, Strzegomski Square, Wrocław

Outdoor cinema and concerts on the Barge of Olimpia Port, Wrocław

Every week workshops for children, outdoor observation of the phenomenon called art.

Vernissage in vertical, horizontal, in space, Platinum Lofts, Wrocław.

Sculpture Zabłąkana chmura by Ludwik Ogorzelec, the estate Ogrody Hallera, Wrocław.

Cultural award WARTO for young artists in five categories.

Revitalisation of an altar in the Wrocław Cathedral

Baczko and Zakrzewski award for young architects for social-public projects

Sculpture Pod jabłonią by Alois Gryt, the estate Cztery Pory Roku, Wrocław

Beyersdorf Room, supporting the revitalisation of the Royal Palace in Wrocław

Sculpture Mama i ja, Janusz Klekot, Św. Mikołaja Street, Wrocław

Artistic wall painting, Andrzej Jarodzki, Platinum Lofts, Wrocław

Exhibition Start w przyszłość Barbara Finke, Olimpia Port, Wrocław

Replica of an industrial crane, Józef Sztajer, Platinum Lofts, Wrocław

Promotional and content-related support for Wrocław Civic Budget projects submitted by residents, e.g. Swojczycki Park Czarna Woda

Vernissage of Diploma Works in Browary Wrocławskie

Secret Cinema in Browary Wrocławskie

Animation of residential communities